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It is not always easy to make bail, so it helps when you have the professional services of a bail bond agency to turn to. The Bakersfield bail bondsman offers you fair and reliable service.

Being caught up in legal troubles in California can be a frightening and confusing time for anybody, and the legal process is not always easy to understand.

If you are being held for a criminal charge and you were granted bail, that means that you can secure your freedom if you pay the total bail bond amount. But how many people who are incarcerated can actually afford to do so?

Defendants who cannot afford to pay their bail seek the help of a bail bondsman. The Bakersfield bail bondsman offers its clients professional and dependable service. Not only do we help you by acting as your surety, you also have the benefit of our legal knowledge and experience.

Because it isn’t just having the money or the surety for your bail, it is also about navigating the process successfully – knowing which offices to approach, how to get the surety for your bail approved, and most importantly, how to secure your release as soon as possible.

Studies have shown that defendants involved in criminal cases who were unable to make their bail and had to remain incarcerated prior to and during their trial were more likely to be found guilty, and sentenced to longer jail time. This is because a defendant who is in jail throughout this whole time is unable to fully prepare himself for his court hearings.

By contrast, a defendant who makes his or her bail and is released from custody has the freedom to meet with his lawyers as often as needed in order to prepare for his case, and he can surround himself with supportive family members and friends as he goes through these difficult times.

If you are in California and in jail facing criminal charges, the Bakersfield bail bondsman helps those who have been granted bail but cannot afford to pay for it. With our assistance, we help you navigate your way through the complexities of legal procedures as we help secure your release from detention on the strength of our surety.